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Management tools for directing your agents

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For 50 years I have enjoyed a love for live dramatic, comedic and musical theater as a patron, actor, singer, dancer, producer, director, music director and set builder. I understand what goes into a successful production and how my specific assignment fits into the overall picture. A cast, crew and production staff must work together in harmony to make the play or musical an enjoyable experience for all.

However, when creating an excellent end product, there can only be one concept or vision of how the performance will unfold, and that is the vision of the director. There may be dozens of ways to accomplish a successful stage production, but without keeping with the vision of the director, you will end up with a hodge-podge rather than a contiguous line of scenes that flow together.

The manager in the collections industry works much like the director of a play. There may be dozens of ways to accomplish what the company has set out to do, but the manager has been given the responsibility of creating the vision and orchestrating the successful production. Just as a director works with the producer, choreographer and actors, the collections manager works with the business owner, compliance director and the front-line collectors.

One of the many tools the manager can access to carry out their plan is the “Assign” feature in Manager Center. This feature allows the manager to assign the following to each agent:

  • Agent Type: PD, IC
  • Dial Type: Inbound, Outbound, Blending
  • Dial Mode: Passive, Power, Predictive, Preview
  • List Option: List, Group, Personal
  • List Name or List Group Name

In addition, the manager may specify whether or not the agent has control over setting their own features.

Managers can make assignments based on an agent’s preference, experience or expertise. They can change an agent’s list if a concentration on a specific client or business segment is required.

Just like directors see the big picture for a theatrical production, collection managers have the vision of how the collections business needs to be addressed for their companies. Agent assignments can help them orchestrate their business into a success worthy of a standing ovation.

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This article was written by Vic