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IVR Messaging: The Dialer Multi-Tool

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The Interactive Communications (IC) portion of the dialer can be a wonderful thing. I love that you can just set it up to run then let it work on its own. You don’t have to babysit the dialer. I also like to think of it as the dialer multi-tool—it is capable of so many things. “Like what?” you ask. Here are a few things I have seen clients use IC for.

Appointment Reminders

Whether you are a cable company or a doctor’s office – or anything else for that matter – you probably make appointments with your clients at some point. If you have to keep track of a lot of appointments, consider letting the dialer make calls to remind your client. Perhaps leave a message like this:


“This call is to remind you of your appointment with ABC Company on May 26th, 2014. If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please call 800-555-1212. Thank you.”

The dialer can even measure responses, so you can say, “Press 1 to transfer to an agent to reschedule or press 2 to confirm.” You will be able to see the results of each contact in your reports and schedule any necessary follow-up action. Oh, the possibilities.

Courtesy Calls

This can be used as a “check in” or “reminder” for a task. Let’s say you are expecting people to register for casino a training or class. You can send them a message reminding them that they need to do this by a particular date and how to complete registration. Maybe speak something like this:

“Don’t forget to register for Spring Training. You can do this by going to ABCCompany.com, clicking Register for Training, then completing the form. If you have any questions please contact us at 800-555-1212.”

Error Notifications

As much as we try not to allow it to happen, errors can be made. Perhaps something that was scheduled to happen didn’t happen. Or some data was lost. You can use IC to let your customer know of the issue. For example, a bank may need to notify its customers of an issue with their credit cards. You could send something like this out:

“Unfortunately, your credit card information has been compromised. To help protect you we have cancelled your current credit card. A new card will be sent to you in the mail and should arrive within the next 5 business days.”

Payment Reminders

I know of many organizations that make payment arrangements with their clients; perhaps allowing monthly payments on a balance. It might be a good idea to remind your clients that a payment is coming due. You can use the dialer to help them prepare:

“This call is to remind you that you have a payment with ABC Company due on May 26th, 2014. Please call 800-555-1212 if you have any questions or need to reschedule. Thank you.”

There are so many more uses for IC that I’m sure you are already aware of. Such as taking payments, calling on a past due balance, leaving mailing information… The list can go on and on. This tool may not be able to do everything you can think of, but it couldn’t hurt to ask us! If you have more questions about using IC, call 1-800-646-5227 to talk to one of our support representatives.

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This article was written by Elise