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Customize your dialing strategy with Alternate Results

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In his autobiography, Henry Ford wrote, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” The reason for this was likely efficiency on the assembly line, which mandated black for its quicker drying time.

This is really similar to the idea of “one size fits all.” It’s a nice theory, but doesn’t always work in practice. Given the variety of car colors we see on the road today, not everyone wants their car to be black.

Dialer results can be similar to cars coming off of an assembly line. Clients often want a different action for the same call result. For example, typically the follow up action for a no answer result is to schedule that number to be tried again later in the day. But a client may not want to make another attempt until the next day.

IAT’s dialer takes actions based on the call’s result such as scheduling a call back after a given amount of time (in minutes or days), continuing to dial other numbers on the account, or marking the phone number or account as completed. These options can be applied to both results generated by the dialer, and results specified by the agents working the accounts.

In the default configuration, this is similar to having a car in any color as long as it’s black—all the “no answers” are handled the same way. Fortunately, this can be tailored to your needs, or, more specifically, your client’s needs. With IAT’s “alternate results” feature you get to pick the paint color.

To utilize this feature, our Support team will initially tailor the configuration to allow results by some alternate value, such as the client ID. You can then manage these custom actions from the Results screen. When an alternate result is not defined for a certain alternate value, the dialer uses the normal result actions. Another way to look at this is to think of these alternate results as exceptions to the normal rule.

For example, suppose the normal action for a no answer is to call back in 4 hours, but continue calling other numbers on the account. If Client X only wants one attempt per account per day, an alternate result can be used to override the default result for that specific client. Client Y might want the second attempt in 2 hours. Alternate results for these two clients adds two additional “rules” instead of duplicating all of the result configurations.

IAT’s technology gives you the ease and efficiency of automation (or assembly lines), while still allowing you to tailor it to fit your business (or pick your paint color). To learn more or have an IAT Support Rep assist you with setting up alternate results on your own dialer call 1-800-646-5227.

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This article was written by Dave S