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Learn from IAT’s Dialing Experience; Download our latest White Paper

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I like a good quote—it’s amazing to me the way people can weave words together that simplify an idea, explain a concept, gather a thought into a simple sentence or make a point that causes contemplation. There are so many greatcanada goose Ontario Parka quotes out there and here are a few that I like regarding experience:

  • A Hindu proverb: “No physician is really good before he has killed one or two patients.”

It’s kind of harsh, but perhaps there’s more truth to it than we would like to admit. It’s not like a brain surgeon can gain actual, real-life experience without picking up a scalpel and going levitra price uk usa to work. When you are just starting out with anything you are bound to make a few mistakes; and oftentimes it turns out those mistakes teach the best lessons. Who would you chose the surgeon fresh out of school or the one with substantial experience?

  • Another proverb: “Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald.”

How many people do you know who have “pulled their hair out” in frustration while trying to figure out how to do something?  Experience gives you wisdom you wish you had when it would have been more useful.

  • Robert Brault said: “The difference between education and know-how is that one you pay for, the other you charge for.”

The NBA playoffs are well underway and I think Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, is great example best online casino of someone who has learned from experience and now charges for it. In my opinion there are few people that know the intricacies of the game better than he and can better preparecanada goose Snow Mantra Parka his team for success. In my opinion, he didn’t gain his insight from a text-book he got it from real-life experiences.

IAT has been in the predictive dialer business for

more than 27 years; as a result we have learned a few

tricks of the trade. We enjoy sharing our experience with others who might put it to use and recently released a new whitepaper outlining a few outbound dialing tips. Take a few minutes to download and read the paper—perhaps there is something here you can use while you still have hair to comb. 

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