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Dialing Technology for more than just the ARM industry

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For more than a quarter century IAT has delivered superior outbound dialing technology to the ARM industry. Our longevity within the industry has resulted in a familiarity with regulations and the development of features and tools to help agencies operate within their bounds. This level of expertise has made our dialing products beneficial to businesses in all areas of the call center space—whether or not their call centers are based in accounts receivables.

Inbound/Outbound Blending: Being part of the ARM industry has elevated our outbound dialing technology to its current level of sophistication. The majority of call centers rely on inbound call traffic to keep agents busy, and those that do employ a large amount of outbound dialing value individual calls differently than an ARM business: If a telemarketer misses a call, there remains an endless stream of equally qualified prospect. If a collection agency misses a call, it’s possibly a debt not collected.

Because it is the main focus of consumers, most dialer providers built their technology on an inbound foundation then added outbound capabilities. IAT’s dialer was built for the outbound-focused ARM industry, fitting inbound calls into the dialer’s outbound calculations allows for a seamless blending process and ensures each call is promptly connected to a live agent.

Whether your call center mainly uses inbound traffic or outbound dialing, IAT’s dialer is built to help maximize resources, boost productivity, and assure each call is handled with the importance it deserves.

Compliance Capable: The ARM industry is fraught with regulations dictating the proper procedures for collecting debt—this is on top of the rules already governing telemarketing and other call centers. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of current legislation an incorporating corresponding compliance tools and into our products.

Within our solutions are compliance tools that allow you to:

  • control what time of day calls are made
  • restrict calling the same account multiple times per day
  • record phone calls
  • deliver IVR messages (with right-party identification and/or disclosure statements)
  • skip certain numbers (such as cell phone numbers) on your dialing lists
  • manually dial numbers (such as the cell phone numbers excluded in the bullet above)

In the end, IAT’s focus on creating a predictive dialer for the ARM industry has resulted in the development of dialing technology that benefits call centers of every type, size, and industry.

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This article was written by Jenna Bowman