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A wide range of predictive dialing tools to tailor your daily operations

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Since IAT’s inception in 1986, SmartDial® has been in the forefront in tailoring our predictive dialer to fit the client’s needs.  In the ARM industry there are many different sectors or verticals that recover monies, yet their daily operations are entirely different.

IAT SmartDial caters to a variety of ARM industries such as:

  • Healthcare; hospitals, physician & dental clinics
  • Financial; Banks & Credit Unions
  • Government; State, City, and Municipalities
  • Education

These different and distinctive operational needs are the reason behind the many features and functionalities provided for each of our clients.  All SmartDial features—such as Predictive Dialing, Skills-based Routing, or any of our compliance tools—are flexible to fit the way you run your business.

Predictive Dialing

The truest form of predictive dialing technology is built upon Dynamic Resource Allocation. By pooling all dialing lines rather than assigning them to specific agents or campaigns, the dialer is able to dynamically assign resources where they are most needed. Based on average hit-rate, call length and many other factors, the right amount of phone lines are automatically allocated for each task (predictive dialing, IVR, inbound).

To ensure you are able to dial the way your business/industry requires, IAT’s dialing technology offers 5 outbound dialing modes to choose from (Predictive, Power, Preview, Passive, or Dial Request).

Skills-based Routing

Skills-based Routing (SBR) routes and matches incoming calls to a particular agent or group who is prepared to address the call. This module is a very powerful tool that, when used as part of a clearly defined business plan, can help you turn your contact center into a more efficient and profitable enterprise. Debtors will experience shorter wait times and quicker responses while agents will be more prepared reducing the average handle and hold times.

With SBR, you establish the best fit between the needs of your inbound and outbound call campaigns and the skills of your agents.

Compliance Tools
IAT SmartDial provides many features that are driven from the needs and wants of our customers—recently these features and functionalities are for complaisance regarding regulatory requirements such as call recording, cell phone scrubbing, etc.

IAT’s Call Recording Products come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from simple call recording and indexing tools to full-feature call recording and quality management modules available through a number of partners.

IAT also offers multiple tools for managing your agency’s compliance to current cell phone contacting legislation. Cell Scrub compares each account number to the most current data available before scrubbing or dialing it. With a list of scrubbed cell phone numbers, use SmartCell to manually dial on these accounts.

IAT SmartDial has a lot of predictive dialing features and tools. Chances are every option is not going to make sense for your company, and that is why IAT places an importance on the ability to tailor the dialer to fit YOUR needs and business. Talk to an IAT representative today to see how our SmartDial solutions can solve your dialing problems.

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