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Why are you not using your dialer?

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Most of us are guilty of buying something we are sure we’ll use, something that will improve our lives in some way or another.  These purchases can range from inexpensive gadgets to big ticket items that require a significant investment.

I have to admit I am guilty of this.  Unfortunately for me, my purchases fall under the “significant investment” category.  My driveway and garage are filled with them—a camping trailer, a couple ATVs, and a boat. All are things I really enjoy when I actually use them, but these days I find they sit more than they go.  There is an old saying about the two happiest days in a boat owner’s life: the day he buys it, and the day he sells it.  I don’t know about this as I have not sold mine yet.

It seems there is always an excuse not to use these items.  I often complain about the work involved in packing the trailer to go for the weekend; I can usually justify that it is more work than it is worth.

This past Memorial Day weekend I bit the bullet.  I pulled out the trailer, went through it, cleaned it and checked everything out.  I repaired the hot water heater and bought new batteries.  Then I started on the ATVs: changed the oil and made sure they were good to go.  I loaded and hooked up the whole mess to the truck.  By the time I pulled out of the driveway, I figured I had spent at least one solid day getting ready to go.  I again questioned the sanity—was it really worth it for 3 days of camping?

I had a great time.  The weekend was very enjoyable and I asked myself why I did not do this more often.  One day of work certainly seemed like a small price for three days of relaxation.

This has me thinking about how often I hear “we have quit using our dialer.”   Then the excuses start: there are too many rules and regulations, too much this, not enough that, etc.  When people tell me they have stopped using their dialer, it is usually followed by, “We can see it has affected our business, and not in a positive way.”

Often these excuses are sometimes just that—excuses.  Just like my excuses for not camping.  Most of these can be overcome with a little work and effort putting strategies and practices into place to help maintain compliancy.  The dialer automatically puts a lot of these in place for you.  I think most will find that the rewards will be worth the little bit of pain and suffering to turn the dialer on again.

So think about the financial rewards you could be getting if you pulled that dialer out and dusted it off.  It may require a little time, and maybe a few dollars, but once you have done this you will likely be asking yourself why you haven’t been using the dialer all along.


This article was written by Paul