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Deliver Complete Answering Machine Messages—Every Time!

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I suffer from interrupt-itis. I tend to cut people off so I can clarify things, when in all reality, if I just wait for the whole statement, all my questions will be answered.  It’s a real problem.  We’re researching treatments nearby.

But fear not!  The dialer is prepared for someone like me.  More to the point, the dialer is prepared for pauses in voice-mail greetings.  There’s a feature built into the dialer that many of us didn’t even realize was there.  It’s called answering machine lay-in

Let me explain how it works…  No, that will take too long.  Let me sum online casinos up:

When the dialer calls out, its looking for an answer.  When an answer is detected, it listens (creepy, I know).  It listens to determine if the call is a live answer or a machine.  If the dialer detects noise for 1.5 seconds, far casino online Learn more »In this section:Northfield Middle high school yearbook aspires to provide support for our students and their families. longer than it takes to say “hello,” it assumes the call is an answering machine.  The dialer waits for the noise to stop, then starts speaking the answering machine message.  If the dialer hears the noise start up again, it stops playing the message, waits for the noise to stop, then starts the message from the beginning.

This ensures that the dialer will leave the whole message, even on those pesky answering machines.


This article was written by Elise