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Dialing within TCPA and FDCPA Guidlines

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During our 27+ years in the ARM industry, IAT SmartDial has accumulated many regulatory compliance tools to make your contacting processes work more smoothly. Below I have highlighted the main ways our technology helps you operate within the guidelines of the TCPA and FDCPA.

Contacting cell phones within TCPA guidelines:

“The FCC has determined that debt collection calls are not telemarketing calls. Therefore, under the rule the FCC has stated that with respect to autodialed or prerecorded debt collection calls […] would not require any consent when made to residential wireline consumers, but require either prior written or oral consent if made to a consumer’s wireless number.”

IAT SmartDial provides a number of features that respond to these regulatory demands regarding cell phone numbers. The two key components of cell phone compliance are:

  1. Identifying and Removing cell phone numbers from your dialing lists
  2. Using a manual-only dialing platform to contact them

CellScrub is the key to identifying cell phone numbers on your lists and only calling those you want to contact. It compares block ID and ported number information against each account phone number before it is dialed. In accordance with TCPA guidelines, our lists are regularly updated with the most current data available from the government agencies that track it.

Identified cell phone numbers are automatically excluded from dialing on any list where CellScrub is enabled. Optional abilities also allow you to exclude any other indicated number from being dialed (e.g.  those who request not to be called, wrong number, etc.). Alternately, numbers can also be marked as “ok to dial” once proper consent has been received.

SmartCell is a manual-only, non-call processing product that allows you to contact identified cell phone number while staying in line with TCPA guidelines.

  • Manual-only Dialing Platform (non-call processing)
  • Dials from Switch
  • Traditional Management and Reporting Tools Incorporated
  • Call Recording for Conspicuous Consent

Protection from FDCPA violations:

“The FDCPA […] was designed to eliminate abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices. It also protects reputable debt collectors from unfair competition and encourages consistent state action to protect consumers from abuses in debt collection.”

IAT also incorporates other tools and features into their dialing technology to help you with compliance concerns.

A dialer’s outbound/inbound resources are only as good as its dialogues or scripts. IAT offers a range of dialogue options from standard introductions, profile dialogues, and auto-pay types. All of these types can be used for either first- or third-party dialogues. Inbound, blending, and skills-based routing dialogues are all set up much the same way as the outbound dialogues. This creates a uniform environment which enables seamless inbound/outbound routing to any agent for a truly blended call center. Among other options, IAT’s dialogues include verbiage for:

We also offer basic call recording through CTR Lite, or expanded call recording and monitoring abilities through Enterprise solutions partnered with number of leading providers. All options give you:

  • Recording and Encryption on all conversations
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Easy Retrieval and Playback

Don’t forget these are just the highlights of how our dialer responds to the industry’s compliance demands. If you have other concerns, contact me or another IAT representative today to find out how our dialer addresses them.

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This article was written by Mark