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Universal Dialing Ports to the Rescue!

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Over the years I have learned that CT Center (IAT’s site-premised system and the basis for our cloud services, CT Impact) has so many features and customized settings that it is difficult to keep track of them all. The system’s flexibility makes it adaptable to any agency’s specific methods of operation and can be adjusted to meet any agency’s compliance standards, dialing strategies and contacting needs.

One such feature is what we call Universal Dialing Ports (or UDP’s for short). A UDP, when coupled with Dynamic Resource Allocation, allows for all dialing resources to be used in whatever dialing capacity needs attention at any given time. Here are some examples of how UDP’s could help your business:

During day-time hours inbound and outbound predictive dialing usually take precedence over outbound IVR campaigns. Using UDP’s, CT Center automatically switches IVR resources over to PD or inbound depending on what’s happening at the moment.

Perhaps there’s a sharp increase in inbound calls; the IVR and/or PD resources switch over to cover the increased demand—preventing inbound callers from getting a busy signal. Inbound calls are a precious commodity that generally results in revenue generation—so a busy signal on an inbound call is, well, bad.

Another scenario might be that hit-rates drop on a PD campaign—once again the UDP’s come to the rescue and allow the dialer to begin using IVR or inbound resources to aid in finding live contacts best online casino for agents to work with. There are few things worse in a collection agency than agents sitting twiddling their thumbs, especially if there are unused dialing resources that could be used in keeping them busy.

How about when the agents go home for the day and the office is closed? UDP’s allow both inbound and PD resources to be used for after-hours contacting using IVR campaigns. When the agents come to work the next morning they can expect to receive inbound calls as a result of the previous night’s more efficient IVR campaigns.

Just so you know—CT Center is smart enough to realize that you never know when an inbound call might arrive, so it dynamically reserves an appropriate number of inbound resources, while using the rest on more productive, revenue generating work. In all of these examples the dialing resources are used in the most productive manner and, naturally, all of this happens in the blink of an eye without management intervention.

We have a customer who has several site-premised CT Center systems. Each system is dedicated to a particular business unit and as you can imagine each business unit has different needs, dialing strategies and contacting methods. This customer made the determination to give UDP’s a try and started with a single server. It didn’t take long for them to realize the benefits of making efficient use of all dialing resources and soon incorporated UDP’s in all of their CT Center systems.

As I mentioned before, CT Center acheter viagra pas cher xbox is the most flexible and customizable dialing solution available. If you’re tired of wasting resources that are dedicated to a specific function

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This article was written by Ray