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Call Transfers the Easy Way

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Think back 20-25 years with me.  I remember the days when, at the beginning of every month, I sat down with the check book and a stack of bills. I manually wrote out a check for each—house payment, utilities, car payment, etc.—stuffed it in an envelope, stamped and mailed it.

Now days there are very few bills that require any effort on my part to get paid.  They are all set up on auto pay.  This makes it much simpler.  When I do get that occasional odd bill—like from the dentist—I usually forget to pay it until they send me a second notice the following month.  Good thing the dentist is a neighbor who is somewhat forgiving.

Then there is the major hassle of actually writing a check. I find it annoying when someone ahead of me in the checkout line slows down the process by relying on this old fashioned payment method.

Just as paying bills used to be an annoying necessity, the call center world has its share of similarly annoying tasks.

Do you remember the days when transferring a call meant another annoying hassle? Does it still mean that at your call center?

IAT SmartDial has technology to help. The Transfer feature on IAT’s dialers allows your agent to transfer calls simply and easily to one of many destinations. These could include:

  • Another Department
    • Payment
    • Legal
    • Etc.
  • Another Individual
    • Manager
    • Agent / Agent Queue
    • Extension
    • Phone Number
  • An IVR Queue
    • Answering machine message
    • Automated payment line

The possibilities are vast. Plus, this is all accomplished without the agent losing their connection to the dialer. 

If you’re still handling call transfers or another call center task the old fashioned way, give IAT a call to learn how the right technology can simplify your agent’s workflow.

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This article was written by Paul