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Glean wisdom from the Dialing Experts in IAT’s SmartDial® Resource Library. Whether researching for your next dialing technology purchase or looking for ideas to improve your current technology use, IAT’s SmartDial Resource Library is a great starting point. In-depth white papers explaining variances in technology and tips for maximizing your dialer are all just a quick click away. Contact an IAT representative with any questions you have after reading or viewing the informational piece.

DIAL-OLOGY: A Study in Predictive Dialing
Our experts have focused on outbound dialing in the ARM industry for more than a quarter century. We know what it takes to create TRUE predictive dialing technology that will increase call center productivity. We know the features and functionality you crave in a dialer. And we want to share our expertise with you. Checkout this live recording of our DIAL-OLOGY webinar delving into the key elements of TRUE predictive dialing.
  Duel of the Dialers
Choosing between a site-premised and a cloud-based dialer doesn’t have to be a “battle royale.” This brief guide highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each system so you can decide which option is best-suited for the way you do business.
  Winning the Waiting Game
Collection Agencies are constantly playing the waiting game—balancing agent wait time and debtor hold time. This paper discusses how True Predictive Dialing technology increases agency efficiency so you can finally “Win The Waiting Game.”
  7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Next Dialing Technology
No dialing solution is bad—but an ill-suited dialer will hold back collection strategies. This paper discusses important items you should address before making this big decision. These considerations include compliance, staff capabilities and security. Use it as a guide to choosing the best dialing option for your company.
What is True Predictive Dialing?
Not all predictive dialing technology is created equal. In this white paper we compare generic predictive dialers and True predictive dialers, including the variance in dialer pacing, agent talk time/productivity, call blending and manager supervision requirements. Learn what you can expect—and not expect—from both predictive dialing options.
Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based
Choosing between site-premised and cloud dialing requires comparing more than just cost. In this white paper agency owners and collection managers can learn the differences between dialing solution types, including flexibility, resource allocation and security. Honestly evaluate your company’s situation and decide which solution is best for you.
The 3 Secrets to Collection Success
It’s no secret that employing dialing technology will help collection agencies stay competitive and productive. But the most success comes when your technology maximizes agent productivity and your automation options. Watch this short video to find out the three secrets of successful dialing technology for accomplishing this!
5 Ways to Collect More
New strategies—even small ones—can sometimes make a big impact on your collections efforts. Maintain a competitive edge and increase your bottom line by implementing these contacting strategies from IAT’s dialing experts. You’ll learn how to revolutionize your collection process by communicating more effectively with debtors, making more right-party contacts and eliminating duplication.