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CT Impact Predictive Dialer – a Cloud-based SmartDial® Solution

Your agents’ dialing champion. Capitalize on agents’ time by using IAT’s hosted predictive dialing. The dialer does the necessary work to find live contacts, freeing up agent time for talking and collecting debt.

Agent Access: Tailor the collecting experience. With five dialing modes, a flexible toolbar display and agent-entered call results, agents can tailor the collecting experience to meet their needs.

Manager Center: Monitor agents and lists. Supervise your agents’ collecting activities in real-time with IAT’s management tools, including monitoring/coaching/conferencing, color-coded at a glance status screens and CTC messaging. Prioritize lists and control agent workflow with list groups.

CT Impact Web Interface: Manage daily dialer operations. Tailor each predictive dialer campaign/list to match your collection strategy. Ensure an agent answers each predictive dialer call with campaign crossover. Choose to detect answering machines or have every call transferred to your staff.

CT Impact Call Recording: Record and archive calls. Record all calls transferred to an agent. Throughout the month, play back recorded calls online or download them one at a time. Use IAT’s Call Recording Archive Service to store each month’s recorded calls.

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