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More Options, More Efficiency, More Accounts Collected

Enjoy SmartDial productivity with site-premised flexibility. CT Center’s predictive dialer naturally integrates into your business, so you can communicate with clients in your ideal way while maximizing collection efforts. As your collection methods evolve, IAT can alter the settings to complement your new direction.

CT Center interfaces with any host collection software (CRM) and supports remote agents or offices.

  • Predictive Dialer: Maximize agent productivity by giving mundane contacting tasks to the dialer and keeping your staff focused on talking to accounts.
  • Interactive Communications (IVR Messaging): Consistently contact a large volume of accounts during all legal calling hours and provide options pay the debt—all with little to no agent involvement.
  • Dialogues: Jumpstart your IVR Messaging campaigns and maximize agent talk time with IAT’s collection-specific messages and inbound blending.
  • Call Recording: Record, index and store calls for any number of agents on any size budget. Choose between a lite call recording solutions and several enterprise options.
  • Cell Scrub: Compare each account phone number against the most current data available straight from the source—the government entities assigned to track the info. Enjoy flexibility on which lists you scrub.

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