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3 Business tips I learned from my daughter’s friends

Yes, you can learn from the good examples of teenage girls—you just have to find the right kind of teenager. This summer I was lucky to spend four days in the great outdoors helping out at a religious Girls’ Camp located in the mountains surrounding the Salt Lake Valley. Twenty-two young women—ages 12 to 18…

If we want compliance, looks like we’ll all need to work together

Just like it takes a whole team—and not simply one super star player—to win the game, it takes the whole industry to successfully address current and future compliance issues. Recently I’ve noticed three examples of people working together in compliance efforts, which I share below.   

How to grow your business

Laugh; don’t take yourself so seriously; set good goals—I am full of advice. However, it’s sometimes nerve wracking to learn people might actually be listening to me. I was surprised when DBA International asked me to write an article for DBA the Magazine about business success. In case you didn’t read the article, “Technology Solutions…

ARM Industry Lobbying: Step in and Help!

I’ve attended many industry lobbying events because I truly believe working together we can make a positive difference. I always learn something from presenters and attendees and I am able to share my message with elected officials. Recently, I learned some VERY valuable lessons at my 3rd ACA International Fly-in event in Washington D.C.

How to get the predictive dialer you want

Your dialing technology options are confusing. It’s sometimes hard to determine the right dialing solution for your agency and clients. If you want to choose the best predictive dialer or IVR Messaging solution, you must first research something very unique and important—your own company.