- Part 3

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Are you being heard?

With regulations dictating almost every aspect of the collections process, it’s important to support the industry associations working to keep those regulations reasonable and beneficial for our industry. I recently wrote a blog post on DialerFan highlighting ACA International’s contributions to the industry; I could have written about NARCA or DBA International with as much…

Keep Smiling!

Recently, I’ve been reflecting upon some of the life lessons I’ve learned. I thought I would share a few with you. Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame others. You can determine your own success and happiness. Don’t allow others to control your life. Own it and do it!

Share the ARM Industry love

The 3rd party collection industry recovered $54.9 billion in 2010. Imagine for a brief, scary moment what would’ve happened to our economy if those dollars weren’t put back into the economy. I read with pride a study commissioned by ACA International outlining the impact of 3rd party collection agencies on the U.S. economy in 2010….

Acronym City!

Recently, I was sitting next to our new ACA International CEO, Patrick Morris, and I asked him how he was adjusting to our industry and the new job. He said something similar to this, “I’m learning a lot each and every day. There is so much to learn, but I’m having fun.” So much to…

Compliance issues to look for in 2012

I read with interest the white paper “The Future of Compliance for the Debt Collection Industry.”  The following are a few quotes from this paper that I found most interesting. I hope they get you thinking about your compliance plans in 2012! “The global financial crisis that officially began in the fall of 2008 ushered…