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Training is the difference between “novice” and “professional”

A number of years ago, as an art student in California, I noticed an article in our local newspaper announcing an art show for a portrait artist living in our area. The artist painted portraits of well-known celebrities and politicians, and the samples of his work appeared incredible. They were remarkable likenesses of the individuals….

Never stop thinking about compliance—We don’t either

With the capabilities of today’s technology, you’d think collections would be a smooth and simplified process, but instead government regulations and judicial rulings cloud common sense with uncertainty. I don’t know if there has ever been a more frustrating time for those in the collection industry.

What Makes IAT SmartDial’s Predictive Dialer Superior … Individual Pacing

One of the things that I really like about working in this industry is meeting so many fantastic people that think the way I do. I am amazed how many times I will be in a conversation with a customer or a client and discover their viewpoint on a topic mirrors my own. Not that everyone…

Predictive Guessing v. True Predictive Dialing: avoid inferior dialing solutions

Nine years ago when I started working for IAT, I assumed that other dialer vendors offered very similar products. Recently, I’ve had several conversations with prospects that showed how IAT is far ahead of the competition. When I demonstrate IAT’s dialing technology, I like to ask the individual about the technology they’re currently using, so…

IAT Support—to the rescue!

A number of years ago, I felt a minor pain in my back that gradually increased over a few hours. What seemed small at first grew excruciatingly painful. I buckled on the floor in agony and begged my wife to take me to the hospital. I will never forget that pain. When we left for…