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The Map to Finding More Right-Party Contacts

You spend extensive time and money finding the right agents and the right technology to collect on your portfolio of accounts. But unless you also find the right-party contact on the phone, your agent will never collect the debt. Since debtors don’t always want to be found, this can be a fairly difficult proposition. Fortunately,…

Don’t call me Cranky!

Middle of the night/early morning phone calls and texts are the worst. My initial thought: “Who’s dying?” Isn’t that the only reason to wake someone up between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.? As difficult as inconvenient phone calls and texts can be, it is most obnoxious when someone I don’t even know calls or texts….

Reports: Are you using them to improve your dialer strategies?

How do you determine the effectiveness of your calling campaigns? Amount of debt collected? A report or two? A gut feeling?

Reports are a valuable tool for evaluating your calling strategies, both long-term and on-the-fly. Analyzing the data can give you the best indication of how well your lists and/or agents are doing. But the hardest part may be deciding where to start.

Answering Machine Detection 100%? Beware!

Most of the time, I prefer something to be 100% accurate – anything less can make me uneasy about the information. You might feel the same way. But if your dialer company claims to have 100% accurate answering machine detection, you should be concerned.

How Answering Machine Detection Works. Just like an agent, a dialer determines whether a live person or an answering machine answers the call. It does this by listening to the person (or machine) for pauses, tone of voice, length of message, etc. Some people have very deceptive answering machine messages that purposely sound like live contacts (“Hello?” Pause. “Hello?” Pause. “Anyone there?”), and it takes the dialer longer to determine it’s not a live contact (it would probably take longer for an agent to identify, too).

Top three supervising tools for every collection manager

These days, you can’t be too careful about keeping your agents professional and within your established (and legal) bounds. And with all the training and monitoring tools available with predictive dialer systems, it’s much easier to supervise your agents and keep them properly trained. When you consider your game plan for ongoing training and success, make sure you have these three tools on your list:

<strong>Call Recording: It’s not just a legal security measure.</strong> While there seems to be a much needed focus on using call recording for legal security reasons, you can benefit from recording agent calls for training purposes, too.