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Dialing within TCPA and FDCPA Guidlines

During our 27+ years in the ARM industry, IAT SmartDial has accumulated many regulatory compliance tools to make your contacting processes work more smoothly. Below I have highlighted the main ways our technology helps you operate within the guidelines of the TCPA and FDCPA. Contacting cell phones within TCPA guidelines: “The FCC has determined that…

75th ACA International Convention Recap

I had a great time in Chicago last week. The ACA International Expo was everything I anticipated it would be and more. A few of the highlights for me were the opening ceremonies, awesome speakers, and catching up with my entourage—you know who you are! Our outgoing president, Leslie Bender, was everywhere this year as…

What I Like About the Annual ACA Expo

I always look forward to attending and participating in the ACA International Convention each year. This year will mark the 75th anniversary of ACA and I am very proud of this and that fact that IAT SmartDial® (an Enghouse Interactive company) has been a participating Vendor in ACA for the last three decades.

A wide range of predictive dialing tools to tailor your daily operations

Since IAT’s inception in 1986, SmartDial® has been in the forefront in tailoring our predictive dialer to fit the client’s needs.  In the ARM industry there are many different sectors or verticals that recover monies, yet their daily operations are entirely different. IAT SmartDial caters to a variety of ARM industries such as: Healthcare; hospitals,…

Start with the basics: understand and utilize your dialing tools

A few weeks ago I had a reunion with my business associate, John, and my former coach, Ron, from yesteryear. Most of the conversation was about the good ol’ days and what we are currently doing—it all came down to the same handful of fundamentals in life and business that always seem to work for us….