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To Do: Stop debt collection call avoidance

On a flight back from New York City, I was pondering all of the tasks I needed to accomplish that weekend. I often worry about missing my boys’ school activities, “honey do” tasks and the tedious chore of paying bills. I rarely need a reminder about my upcoming boys’ and honey do activities for the…

Choose the right team: The athletics of predictive dialing

Sports are a great passion of mine. I enjoy the game and the challenge it brings to its players, coaches and, at times, even fans. I enjoy the football season and the wonderful ups and downs it brings, like Seattle upsetting New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. Looking at the game, you really want the right team, with the right players, to cheer them on to victory. At IAT, we provide two dialing solutions that perform so well, you’ll want to cheer them on.

I coach football. Sometimes the kids don’t follow instructions and will do things the way they want to, instead of the way I asked them to.