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Call Results make a difference in your dialing strategy

There is a lot of talk about efficient dialing technology and the importance of generating outbound calls for your agents to field, but the next step is often forgotten. Determining the follow-up action for agents (and the dialer) to take is key to your successful collection process.

IAT’s dialing technology utilizes call results to help you automate this step. A call result is the outcome of each attempted call (e.g. “No Answer” or “Busy”). From the Setup icon on your CT Center toolbar you can access the result code configuration screen and choose an automatic follow-up action for each type of call result so you don’t have to take the time to decide on a call-by-call basis.

IAT SmartDial—unlike any other dialer

I remember when I was a teenager riding around in my car listening to a cassette tape of Steve Martin’s “A Wild and Crazy Guy.” He had some good advice for men who were sick of blending in and smelling the same as everyone around him. The line goes, “That’s why I wear ‘Tuna Fish Sandwich.’ Put a tuna fish sandwich under each arm, a little dab on the neck, and I don’t smell like any other guy.”

If you have been to a recent collections conference and wandered the tradeshow floor talking with vendors, you know there are more than a few dialer companies.  And while IAT doesn’t smell like a tuna fish sandwich, we do stand out from the crowd with our beefed up dialing technology.

Start with the basics: understand and utilize your dialing tools

A few weeks ago I had a reunion with my business associate, John, and my former coach, Ron, from yesteryear. Most of the conversation was about the good ol’ days and what we are currently doing—it all came down to the same handful of fundamentals in life and business that always seem to work for us. It seems that in life, whether personal or professional, it all boils down to understanding the basics.

I asked Coach Ron what basic ingredients he used to be such a success in football. “I always understood my team and the individuals within it,” was his response. “I understood my competitor’s game plan. And we played within the rules of the game.”

Invest time in your Dialing Campaign Templates

Years ago I worked in the construction industry. I helped build homes, office buildings, remodeled a 100 plus year-old theater and even put an addition on the Carl Hayden Visitors’ Center at Glen Canyon Dam. (It’s a totally different story, but the visitor center hangs over the edge of Glen Canyon. The center is located just downriver from the Glen Canyon Dam that holds back the waters of Lake Powell. From the patio surrounding the building it is about a 700 foot drop to the river and quite a view from atop a concrete bucket attached to a crane.)

What makes SmartDial® so smart?

SmartDial® is everywhere on our website and products. But what does that actually mean? It’s not exactly artificial intelligence, but IAT technology is smart enough that you might guess it is. The really smart part of SmartDial is our Smart team of outbound dialing experts that make up the R&D department. These guys are the brains behind True Predictive Dialing and some really cool dialing features that make True PD possible, such as: