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Deliver Complete Answering Machine Messages—Every Time!

I suffer from interrupt-itis. I tend to cut people off so I can clarify things, when in all reality, if I just wait for the whole statement, all my questions will be answered.  It’s a real problem.  We’re researching treatments nearby.

But fear not!  The dialer is prepared for someone like me.  More to the point, the dialer is prepared for pauses in voice-mail greetings.  There’s a feature built into the dialer that many of us didn’t even realize was there.  It’s called answering machine lay-in

Unparalleled Dialing Technology

We’ve been saying it for years—Nobody does predictive dialing like IAT SmartDial—and now you’re invited to find out why in our webinar DIAL-OLOGY: A Study in True Predictive Dialing Thursday, August 21, 2:00 EDT. At IAT we’re not afraid to do things a little differently than other dialer vendors. In fact, we count on it….

75th ACA International Convention Recap

I had a great time in Chicago last week. The ACA International Expo was everything I anticipated it would be and more. A few of the highlights for me were the opening ceremonies, awesome speakers, and catching up with my entourage—you know who you are! Our outgoing president, Leslie Bender, was everywhere this year as…

What I Like About the Annual ACA Expo

I always look forward to attending and participating in the ACA International Convention each year. This year will mark the 75th anniversary of ACA and I am very proud of this and that fact that IAT SmartDial® (an Enghouse Interactive company) has been a participating Vendor in ACA for the last three decades.

IAT presents DIAL-OLOGY: a study in predictive dialing at ACA Int’l 75th Convention

July is an exciting month for many reasons—celebrating Independence Day with parades barbecues and fireworks, long summer days of sunshine, etc. At IAT, we are excited for July each year because it brings the annual ACA International Expo. This is one of the main events for ARM professionals across the country and we look forward…