Blog | IAT SmartDial® Solutions - Part 75


Who needs 25+ years of experience? YOU DO!

Genius kid. With more than two decades of predictive dialer technology experience, you can rely on IAT.

Just this week I exchanged emails with an old business associate.  These emails sparked a journey through my memory of the past 20+ years.  You see, I was communicating with Kent Sorensen, one of the original founders of IAT.  Kent and Scott, twin brothers, sat around a table during lunch one day writing down business ideas on a napkin. IAT was born on March 6, 1986 as a direct result of the business ideas on that napkin.

Jeryl Smith, Director of Operations and Product Manager joined IAT in 1987.  Randy Cooper, President and CEO, joined IAT in 1989 and I joined IAT the following year, 1990.  This equates to an Executive board with 64+ years of collection industry-specific predictive dialer and IVR solutions experience!

WAKE UP and keep collecting!

Keep your predictive dialer agents alert and collecting.

Have you noticed your agents getting that drowsy look around the office? I’ve seen some people get the “deer in the headlights”, wide-eyed look throughout the day. Why might this be the case?

Many customers call into IAT Support about the hold music causing agents to be easily bored and then driving their managers insane. I know I’m guilty of being distracted when the music is too soft or relaxing. Some studies have shown that playing music increases worker productivity by 5 or even 15 percent. Higher percentages were shown when workers liked or chose what they listened to.

Doing Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

I think today might be the day.

I think that today I might do something that I shouldn’t do.

Oh, sure… there have been days in the past that I did something I shouldn’t have done. Like the time I took my parents car to a street race and ended up losing the title to it until I could come up with $2500. But today is different. Today I am going to do something that might cause me some pain Air Blower.

Who else wants to take a day off?

I love taking days off. Random, non-holiday days with no obligations attached are my favorite. Where would you go? Maybe a movie? A day trip? Maybe just sleep in? Oh the possibilities for this sporadic day off!

Are you mentally halfway out the door already? Everyone needs a break sometimes, including you and your team. Imagine how happy your team would be to have the afternoon or day off.

Automation to Improve Your Asset’s Value

How are you using the time of your most expensive asset – your agents? It’s important to find ways to maximize this resource.   Because broken promises tend to be an issue every collection agency must deal with, it is worth investigating how they are dealt with in relation to your agent’s time.east Inflatables

Keep agents focused on newer rather than easier
An agent doing payment reminder calls means less time working accounts requiring their attention.  Not carefully monitored, certain agents can prioritize payment reminders too much.   Focusing on what is perceived as “easier money” to collect means lost opportunities elsewhere.

To mail or message?
Mailing payment reminders may save time out of your agent’s day – however, the cost of postage may not make this an attractive long term option.