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Avoid the impersonator (or you’ll get what you paid for)

"Catch and Release Only" by David Evans

"Catch and Release Only" by David Evans

After hours, I paint for art galleries and teach evening oil painting classes at my art studio.

As new students sign up, I review the list of supplies needed for the class with them.  I always give detailed information about what supplies to purchase and which ones to avoid, particularly with regard to oil paints.  Some pigments can be very pricey, especially those that are metallic pigments such as Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red and Cobalt Blue.  Small tubes of paint can run about $30/tube.

I can always count on several students going against my instruction because there are many paint manufactures that produce less expensive paints with the very same name or a slight change in the name of the pigment

Roll with the changes…but not too quickly!

I don’t

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know about you, but I love speeding, and

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my driving record proves it. If I can feel like I’m going fast, I am thrilled. I love racing games, convertibles, motorcycles, anything that lets me feel like I can be speedy.

Unfortunately, this addiction to speed does not end

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with motor vehicles. I like to get everything done as soon as humanly possible. Here’s the problem: Sometimes it takes longer to correct the mistakes made while going “fast” than it would have taken if I’d just taken a few precautionary steps.

Technology Evolves, Should You?

How many times have you heard your predictive dialer agents complain about being on the dialer because they can’t get inbound calls?

In years past most call centers operated under the paradigm that said outbound and inbound agents are different departments. Sometimes you had customer service and billing agents taking calls on one side of the call center, and the telemarketers and collectors on the other side of the call center; the two never crossing kids bouncy castle

I’ve seen the level of animosity between inbound and outbound departments rise to the level not even seen between some college football rivals.

I Don’t Want to Pay for Your Shoes (or anything else for that matter)

Orange shoes. Debt collection is important, especially for frivolous purhases.

I read with interest a recent editorial posted on InsideARM written by Jerry Ashton, (Guest Blog: Let’s Drive a Stake through the Heart(lessness) of Old Debt” August 17, 2010.) In a nutshell, the editorial referred to the potential “moral crisis” facing collectors and collection agencies that attempt to 000-284 collect aged debt wherein the validity of the debt is uncertain because the debt has been bought and sold by third party debt collectors. In his editorial Ashton states: “As I outlined in a recent blog, “Apply the Golden Rule – or the Rule of Gold?  The Creditor and Bill Collector’s Dilemma,” decisions up to this pointcanada goose MonteBello Parka are driven almost entirely by profit.  But, at what point are these profits simply not worth the cost wreaked on beleagured and hounded debtors?”

I am a believer in the adage that there are two sides to every story. The subject matter of Ashton’s editorial is no different and I believe the other side deserves some consideration. Mr. Ashton’s mention of the “costs wreaked on beleaguered and hounded debtors” made me mull over; who pays the true cost of unpaid debts? Is it paid by the delinquent debtor by being “hounded”? The person who plays by the rules and pays his or her debts? The general public? You? Me? In all likelihood it is all of the above with the delinquent debtor getting off easy.

Who needs 25+ years of experience? YOU DO!

Genius kid. With more than two decades of predictive dialer technology experience, you can rely on IAT.

Just this week I exchanged emails with an old business associate.  These emails sparked a journey through my memory of the past 20+ years.  You see, I was communicating with Kent Sorensen, one of the original founders of IAT.  Kent and Scott, twin brothers, sat around a table during lunch one day writing down business ideas on a napkin. IAT was born on March 6, 1986 as a direct result of the business ideas on that napkin.

Jeryl Smith, Director of Operations and Product Manager joined IAT in 1987.  Randy Cooper, President and CEO, joined IAT in 1989 and I joined IAT the following year, 1990.  This equates to an Executive board with 64+ years of collection industry-specific predictive dialer and IVR solutions experience!