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Are Agents a Dying Breed?

Imagine you run a call center and one day you walk in and find that all the cubicles have been removed and all of the agents have been let go. Does that make you smile or does it send a shiver down your spine?

It doesn’t seem too long ago that the promise of the 21st Century was one of simplicity and automation. How many of you remember being told that in the future we would have flying cars, robots, and Soilent Green food pills? It’s ten years into the “future” – the 21st Century – so where the heck is my jet pack and why do you still manage call center agents? Especially when every dialer company on the planet talks about agent-less dialing and inbound IVRs?

Predicting Which Dialer is Right for You

When it comes to automated predictive dialing systems the market is flooded with players, both old and new. The offerings include dialers designed for telemarketing, collections or other canada goose Män Canada Goose industry specific designs. When deciding which predictive dialing solution makes the most sense for your collections efforts, it is important to carefully consider how a proposed solution predicts when and how to dial, in order to have a live contact on the line when your agent is ready to take the call.

Is the security of your CT Center server at risk?

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If you’re running Windows Professional 2000 on the CT Center server, the answer to the above question is yes.
Your server is definitely at risk.

And if you said yes, you’re not alone. More than 60 percent of our CT Center customers are still running on this outdated operating system.

Windows 2000 Professional was great in its day, but its day is over. Microsoft ended mainstream support June 2005 and extended support in July 2010. This means that Microsoft has no plans to do any product or security updates to Windows 2000 Professional. Thus, your network security is at risk.

IAT’s SmartDial ®solution, CT Center, gives Bonneville Billing & Collections many options to manage their accounts

Bonneville Billing & CollectionsUtah-based Bonneville Billing & Collections uses CT Center to handle its medical and utility accounts for the Western region of the United States.

“We have many different clients in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming,” said Jim Eastwood, Dialer Manager for Bonneville.

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