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Gozer Reigns Supreme When Inexperience is King

In 1984, the first Ghostbusters movie was in the theaters and grossed over $291 million. In 1989, the second Ghostbusters movie netted over $215 million during its run. If you recall (as most people older than 20 probably will), the two stories revolve around three parapsychologists that are out to save the world from ghosts,…

Turbulent Storms

Last week I experienced one of the more turbulent airline flights I’ve ever taken.  I was on my way to attend the FTC Debt Collection Technology Workshop in Washington D.C.  While waiting for a tornado to pass below so we could land safely, I wondered if this storm was an ominous omen to the upcoming…

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What to do with our debt?

Last week, like many of you, I closely followed the “Federal Government Shutdown” roller coaster ride.  As the predicted shut down loomed increasingly, closer the reports about the pending economic disaster grew. The article, “A government shutdown? Yes, please” written by Jennifer Lawless and posted to caught my attention. 

Reports: Are you using them to improve your dialer strategies?

How do you determine the effectiveness of your calling campaigns? Amount of debt collected? A report or two? A gut feeling?

Reports are a valuable tool for evaluating your calling strategies, both long-term and on-the-fly. Analyzing the data can give you the best indication of how well your lists and/or agents are doing. But the hardest part may be deciding where to start.