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IAT achieves 25 years of dialing technology success

A napkin may not last twenty-five years, but a business idea on the back of one did. IAT, started by twin brothers with $70,000 and an idea on a napkin, celebrates its 25th anniversary March 6, 2011.

Recently married, college graduate student needs money. Does this sound familiar?

About 25 years ago, I found myself in graduate school, recently married and working for my brother at his plumbing supply business. What does every young, recently married college student need? Money!

Do you ever feel like your message isn’t being heard?

Our calendars tell us we live in A.D. 2011 but I like to think we live in 12 A.G – 12 years After Google. Or if you are younger than me, maybe we live in 7 A.F. – 7 years After Facebook. Many people might think that the years before Google or Facebook were a veritable Dark Age of ignorance. Today, we have instant access to information, sometimes more than what’s good for us; information overload anyone?

With all of this instant-on information bombardment, is it any wonder you might feel like your message isn’t getting through?

Choose the right team: The athletics of predictive dialing

Sports are a great passion of mine. I enjoy the game and the challenge it brings to its players, coaches and, at times, even fans. I enjoy the football season and the wonderful ups and downs it brings, like Seattle upsetting New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. Looking at the game, you really want the right team, with the right players, to cheer them on to victory. At IAT, we provide two dialing solutions that perform so well, you’ll want to cheer them on.

I coach football. Sometimes the kids don’t follow instructions and will do things the way they want to, instead of the way I asked them to.


When it comes to predictive dialing and broadcast messaging, today’s market is leaning towards the hosted environment, while site-premised systems have taken a bit of a back seat. (Fortunately, IAT is in the enviable position of offering both options.)

There are trends in everything; from the stock market to commodity futures, home purchases to foreclosures, interest rates to exchange rates. Trends are influenced by such things as interest rates, vacancy rates, inventory, location, competition, the general health of the economy and myriad of other factors. I believe the current market preference for hosted dialing technology is also a trend that will eventually reverse course, as users of dialing technology carefully consider their options.