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Unparalleled Dialing Technology

We’ve been saying it for years—Nobody does predictive dialing like IAT SmartDial—and now you’re invited to find out why in our webinar DIAL-OLOGY: A Study in True Predictive Dialing Thursday, August 21, 2:00 EDT. At IAT we’re not afraid to do things a little differently than other dialer vendors. In fact, we count on it….

Why are you not using your dialer?

Most of us are guilty of buying something we are sure we’ll use, something that will improve our lives in some way or another.  These purchases can range from inexpensive gadgets to big ticket items that require a significant investment. I have to admit I am guilty of this.  Unfortunately for me, my purchases fall…

Dialing Technology for more than just the ARM industry

For more than a quarter century IAT has delivered superior outbound dialing technology to the ARM industry. Our longevity within the industry has resulted in a familiarity with regulations and the development of features and tools to help agencies operate within their bounds. This level of expertise has made our dialing products beneficial to businesses…

Start with the basics: understand and utilize your dialing tools

A few weeks ago I had a reunion with my business associate, John, and my former coach, Ron, from yesteryear. Most of the conversation was about the good ol’ days and what we are currently doing—it all came down to the same handful of fundamentals in life and business that always seem to work for us….

Technology makes most things better

I recently saw a cartoon image of the card game UNO talking to the board game Scrabble. UNO says, “I ruined like 11 friendships today!” Scrabble replies, “Cool! I ruined 12 friendships and 3 perfect marriages.” Then Monopoly jumps in bragging, “You guys are cute. Talk to me when you are in the thousands.” I…