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Start with the basics: understand and utilize your dialing tools

A few weeks ago I had a reunion with my business associate, John, and my former coach, Ron, from yesteryear. Most of the conversation was about the good ol’ days and what we are currently doing—it all came down to the same handful of fundamentals in life and business that always seem to work for us….

Let everyone enjoy your time off more—try automated list building

Most people I know enjoy taking some vacation time. I have mixed feelings about taking vacation. I enjoy the break from work and spending the time with my family. However, I recognize there’s a Dark Side to vacations. When I get back, I have to catch up on things that piled up while I was…

With a hybrid dialer, the grass is greener on both sides of the fence

Site-premised dialers are well worth the investment. Flexible dialer functionality, greater security control, good long-term ROI—companies select site-premised dialers for a variety of reasons. Still the grass sometimes seems greener on the other side of the dialing fence. Companies with site-premised dialers may wonder if a cloud-based dialer would provide more flexibility for increasing calling…

Hybrid—your all-in-one dialing solution

Many companies use a site-premise dialer for everyday use and a cloud dialer for overflow or disaster recovery. As a result they often spend a lot of time and money managing two dialing systems—wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if you dealt with just one system? You now have that option: a real-time on-site and…