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What makes YOUR Business Successful?

I recently read a blog that started with a question similar to this, “What is the most important expense to track in order to help my business be successful?”  As I thought about this, I found that in order to answer the question for myself I needed to start by asking another key question. “How…

Turbulent Storms

Last week I experienced one of the more turbulent airline flights I’ve ever taken.  I was on my way to attend the FTC Debt Collection Technology Workshop in Washington D.C.  While waiting for a tornado to pass below so we could land safely, I wondered if this storm was an ominous omen to the upcoming…

Help! Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Last week I read a Blog post written by Brett Nelson titled “Financial Illiteracy Is Killing Us.” Nelson states that the financial education of our students (High School and College) is extremely poor. As an example of weak financial skills he recounts segments of the 2009 documentary “I.O.U.S.A.” where interviewed Americans couldn’t explain the “trade deficit” nor could they properly quantify the then $8.7 trillion national debt. (The latest data I’ve read indicates that the national debt is now above $13 trillion and is projected to climb to $18+ trillion by 2018.)

Whether an individual can properly explain the trade deficit or quantify the national debt is probably irrelevant in gauging their understanding of basic financial strategy…but I will leave that for another day.

The problem I have with this post and its reference to the I.O.U.S.A. documentary is their claim that the responsibility for teaching financial literacy to America’s youth rests upon the school system. The post states “….our rotting education system that ultimately led to this problem.”

Are Agents a Dying Breed?

Imagine you run a call center and one day you walk in and find that all the cubicles have been removed and all of the agents have been let go. Does that make you smile or does it send a shiver down your spine?

Governments invest in technology

IAT’s dialing technology has helped collection agencies, law firms, departments and governments hold their customers accountable for over two decades. While governments across the nation have varying budget constraints, many are taking the time to invest in technology. Read the full article from the February/March issue of here. The technology we provide at IAT…