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What’s in a name?

Years ago, I enjoyed a catchy advertising campaign that asked “What’s in a name?” One of the most memorable commercials featured a young man sitting on a bed lamenting that he couldn’t get any babysitting jobs. He reasoned that he was great with kids and had references “out the wazoo.” His name—Freddy Krueger—displayed as the…

IAT Compliance—Steps to Success

If you’re going to be a dialing technology expert in the collections industry, you’ve got to do your homework! While IAT will never take the place of your legal counsel—since we are not legal counsel—we do work hard to be an outstanding resource for dialing and related compliance issues. Below are some of the steps…

Do You Understand?

download adobe cs6 trial The English language can be confusing. I have had several people tell me how difficult it is to learn English due to all the different uses of words and how they work together. Here is an example. Do you know what each of these words mean? Homonym Homophone Homograph