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Technology Evolves, Should You?

How many times have you heard your dialer agents complain about being on the dialer because they can’t get inbound calls?

In years past most call centers operated under the paradigm that said outbound and inbound agents are different departments. Sometimes you had customer service and billing agents taking calls on one side of the call center, and the telemarketers and collectors on the other side of the call center; the two never crossing over.

I’ve seen the level of animosity between inbound and outbound departments rise to the level not even seen between some college football rivals.

WAKE UP and keep collecting!

Have you noticed your agents getting that drowsy look around the office? I’ve seen some people get the “deer in the headlights”, wide-eyed look throughout the day. Why might this be the case?

Many customers call into IAT Support about the hold music causing agents to be easily bored and then driving their managers insane. I know I’m guilty of being distracted when the music is too soft or relaxing. Some studies have shown that playing music increases worker productivity by 5 or even 15 percent. Higher percentages were shown when workers liked or chose what they listened to.

Doing Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

I think today might be the day.

I think that today I might do something that I shouldn’t do.

Oh, sure… there have been days in the past that I did something I shouldn’t have done. Like the time I took my parents car to a street race and ended up losing the title to it until I could come up with $2500. But today is different. Today I am going to do something that might cause me some pain.

Predicting Which Dialer is Right for You

When it comes to automated predictive dialing systems the market is flooded with players, both old and new. The offerings include dialers designed for telemarketing, collections or other industry specific designs. When deciding which predictive dialing solution makes the most sense for your collections efforts, it is important to carefully consider how a proposed solution predicts when and how to dial, in order to have a live contact on the line when your agent is ready to take the call.