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It's nerdy, but data makes your collection agency better

I’m not a math person. Far from it.  I think my mind would start to melt if I studied a complicated graph for more than 5 seconds. My husband, a nerdy math guy, likes to melt my brain with long-winded technical explanations. I’m not sure what he means most of the time, but I do…

Connect the Data

The human mind is a data warehouse— it makes decisions based on recalling and analyzing history. A mind can perform a variety of tasks such as organize, schedule and measure (though it might struggle to organize without writing it out on paper or remember scheduled events without sticking post it notes to a wall or…

How to prove your dialer’s worth

CT Center can almost do MIRACLES. The dialer simultaneously contacts correct phones, delivers correct messages, arranges and collects payments, and connects debtors to the appropriate agents all while abiding by federal regulations. However, if you cannot find out key dialer performance information—who you have contacted, how much debt was promised and paid, who was contacted…

Reports: Are you using them to improve your dialer strategies?

How do you determine the effectiveness of your calling campaigns? Amount of debt collected? A report or two? A gut feeling?

Reports are a valuable tool for evaluating your calling strategies, both long-term and on-the-fly. Analyzing the data can give you the best indication of how well your lists and/or agents are doing. But the hardest part may be deciding where to start.