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SmartDial efficiency, cloud-based convenience. Rely on IAT’s technology for rapid and smooth contacting power. IAT houses and maintains all the necessary phone lines and hardware so you can concentrate on collecting, not managing technology.

CT Impact is a pay-as-you-go service and there are no long-distance charges. Plus, it works with all host data systems.

  • Cloud-based Predictive Dialer: Keep agents busy talking to live contacts and provide supervisors the tools to monitor and assist agents in real-time.
  • Cloud-based Interactive Communications: Boost your collections by making any number of outbound calls both interactive and simple messages are available.
  • Cell Scrub: Compare each account phone number against the most current data straight from the source—the government entities assigned to track the info. Enjoy flexibility on which lists you scrub.
CT Impact is ideal for small in-house collection departments without dialing technology, large departments wanting to increase capacity, and businesses needing a backup solution for a site-premised system.

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