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Every day, companies just like yours are dramatically increasing productivity and revenue using IAT SmartDial® Solutions.  Following are just a few examples of the power and benefits that will soon be at your fingertips.

The Outsource Group

The Outsource Group is proficient in collecting in the Health Care Industry. “With 14 collectors, we go through 10,000 accounts a day on the dialer (PD). We work approximately 1000 outbound accounts a day using IC (CT Center’s Interactive Communication module). Eighty percent of our accounts are medical. Hospitals take up a large part of that percentage. We also have a certain expertise for physician’s groups,” Don Wright, the General Manager says we can update 40,000 accounts a week.”

Venture Financial

Twenty years ago, Steve Hall was one of the original users of the first IAT predictive dialer. Since then, IAT’s legacy product has evolved into the dialer portion of CT Center. As their business changed, Venture Financial Services, Inc., of Raytown, Missouri, stopped using the original dialer and went years without a dialer. When they decided it was time to invest in a new one, Hall said they “looked at the ads, called IAT and two competitors, then selected the dialer most suited to what we needed. The factors that most influenced our decision to purchase CT Center were features, cost and support.”

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