Randy Cooper, IAT President/CEO


"What's important to me is working with a company that is willing to change and make a good, effective product. That's an ongoing process. I definitely believe IAT is that kind of company."

J.D., President, DETEX Agency & Associates

Your agents are too valuable to be listening to busy signals!

Keep your agents talking and collecting.

Eliminate wasted time dialing numbers and dealing with bad numbers, busy signals and voicemails. With IAT’s Predictive Dialer, your agents will concentrate on talking to live contacts and collecting on accounts.

Increase average talk time from 12 minutes per hour dialing manually
to 45 – 50 minutes per hour an agent, and watch your ROI dramatically increase.

What would a 300% increase in productivity do for your bottom line? Contact IAT to learn more.

Train your agents to be the best. Use the included Supervisor tools to manage agents in real time and guide them all to become your best collector. IAT’s reporting tools even track your agent productivity and campaign results.

Build a tailored dialing solution. Whether your solution is site-premised, hosted, or a hybrid combination of both, IAT has the flexibility, scalability and expertise you need to maximize your productivity to quickly realize a return on your dialer investment.

Randy Cooper, IAT President & CEO, with IAT Customer Support

Count on the dialing experts. When you team up with IAT, your collection efforts are backed by more than two decades of dialing technology and collections industry experience. IAT customer support is always just a phone call or email away to help you maximize your collecting opportunities.

Contact IAT’s dialing experts to learn more about IAT predictive dialing and what solution can be tailored for your organization.