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SmartCell, a manual dialing platform, is the answer for contacting cell phones within current TCPA regulations. It is built on the CT Center platform (IAT’s site-premised dialer), but specifically without predictive/automated dialing or number generation capabilities. SmartCell can run independently or interface with IAT’s dialing products CT Center and CT Impact for seamless account management and call transfers.

Make SmartCell part of your compliance strategy. SmartCell comes with several key features and options in order to fit within any collection organization’s compliance strategy:

  • Three manual dialing methods: You can decide to have agents dial through a simple button push, manually keying in the number, or copying/pasting the number into a text box. In each case the agent first previews the number and account information.
  • Manual call progress function: This feature requires the agent—rather than the dialer—to listen to every portion of the call, including the dial tone, ring-tone, active voice detection and SIT tones.
  • Flexible call management options: Connected SmartCell calls can be handled by the original agent or transferred to another agent.

Incorporate traditional management and compliance tools. Many features offered with IAT’s traditional dialing technology (CT Center and CT Impact) are also available for SmartCell, including the following:

  • Integration Capabilities:  Host software interface (real-time or batch), Screen pop, Inbound call routing, Interface with other IAT products (e.g. CTR Lite, DataWarehouse, payment processing.)
  • Manager Features: List building/management, Agent management tools, Reporting (agent results/call data)
  • Agent Features: Scheduled call backs, Agent entered results, Dial request mode
  • Compliance Capable: Call Recording (Site-premised interface/CT Impact call recording),  Legal calling hour control (time-of-day, area code, zip code)

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