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Pick your favorite predictive dialer flavor

  My husband hates Oreos®—he says they belong in the trash. I like Oreos and sometimes buy them. Of course then I have to put up with his negative comments! It’s surprising how many Oreo varieties are available. There seems to be a flavor of Oreos for just about every situation and person (except my…

The "set it and forget it" dialer

I am a self-confessed lazy person. The less I have to do each day the better. This relaxed attitude definitely has its benefits. Sometimes being lazy about one thing gives me time to do something I would rather do. So now, with the infectious personality I pretend to have, I will influence you into being…

How to get the predictive dialer you want

Your dialing technology options are confusing. It’s sometimes hard to determine the right dialing solution for your agency and clients. If you want to choose the best predictive dialer or IVR Messaging solution, you must first research something very unique and important—your own company. 

White paper reveals facts about dialing solutions

IAT provides the facts about the ARM industry’s dialing technology options in a white paper, “Site-Premised vs. Cloud-Based: A Guide to Choosing the Right Dialer.” “Many companies base their dialing solution choice on trends or misinformation,” said Ray Fowler, IAT Sales & Marketing Director. “Those same companies might later find their choice was too expensive…

Dialer Diet—Steps to an effective cloud-dialing plan

Have you seen Seinfeld? You know how Jerry always has a standup routine clip at the end of the episode? In one of these end stand up bits, Jerry complains about restaurants and the tradition of receiving the bill at the end of your meal. At the beginning of the meal, he explains, you’re starving….