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Waiting for a response? Not likely!

Hello (pause), hello (pause), hello? I think we have all answered our phones and had this experience.   When this happens to you, do you think along the same lines as I do?  Personally, it annoys the ____ (pick your favorite four letter word) out of me. When I answer a call like this, I find…

Gozer Reigns Supreme When Inexperience is King

In 1984, the first Ghostbusters movie was in the theaters and grossed over $291 million. In 1989, the second Ghostbusters movie netted over $215 million during its run. If you recall (as most people older than 20 probably will), the two stories revolve around three parapsychologists that are out to save the world from ghosts,…

Automation to Improve Your Asset’s Value

How are you using the time of your most expensive asset – your agents? It’s important to find ways to maximize this resource. Because broken promises tend to be an issue every collection agency must deal with, it is worth investigating how they are dealt with in relation to your agent’s time.

Keep agents focused on newer rather than easier.
An agent doing payment reminder calls means less time working accounts requiring their attention. Not carefully monitored, certain agents can prioritize payment reminders too much. Focusing on what is perceived as “easier money” to collect means lost opportunities elsewhere.

Are Agents a Dying Breed?

Imagine you run a call center and one day you walk in and find that all the cubicles have been removed and all of the agents have been let go. Does that make you smile or does it send a shiver down your spine?