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Dialing within TCPA and FDCPA Guidlines

During our 27+ years in the ARM industry, IAT SmartDial has accumulated many regulatory compliance tools to make your contacting processes work more smoothly. Below I have highlighted the main ways our technology helps you operate within the guidelines of the TCPA and FDCPA. Contacting cell phones within TCPA guidelines: “The FCC has determined that…

Who is it? Use right party identification to find out.

Do you ever wonder if your IVR messages are being received by the correct person? IAT has several dialogues that require the listener identify themselves as the right party before the dialer will speak its message or take another action. Consequently, you can be more confident in your message recipient.

The key to the whole message is listening

You get what you paid for…or at least you’re supposed to. You wouldn’t expect a store to sell you half a pair of jeans or an optometrist to provide half a pair of glasses. It can be frustrating not getting what you need or asked for. You probably wouldn’t settle for half, but would expect…

Compliant dialing—it’s in our DNA. How about yours?

If you have hired part time help to manually dial your ever-increasing wireless inventory list, you’ve probably noticed your bottom line decrease. You also probably haven’t made much headway on your “manual dial only” inventory list. Unfortunately, the time required to manually push all those buttons will never make it a very effective way of…

Never stop thinking about compliance—We don’t either

With the capabilities of today’s technology, you’d think collections would be a smooth and simplified process, but instead government regulations and judicial rulings cloud common sense with uncertainty. I don’t know if there has ever been a more frustrating time for those in the collection industry.