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IAT SmartDial: 27 years of collection specific dialing technology excellence

IAT SmartDial celebrates its 27th anniversary March 6th, 2013. IAT’s co-owners attribute the success and longevity of their company to a variety of factors—hard work, dedication, fantastic employees, vision, top-notch technology, smart and loyal customers, and sound financial stewardship. IAT, a Utah-based company, was founded in 1986 by Scott and Kent Sorensen. A pioneer in…

IAT boasts 26 years of dialing technology success

IAT celebrates its 26th anniversary March 6th, 2012. Owners of the Utah-based dialing company attribute IAT’s long-time success to a focus on collection-specific technology, dedicated employees, and loyal customers. IAT was founded in 1986 by Scott and Kent Sorensen. More than a quarter century later, the company is a leading provider of predictive dialing and…