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Thank You Friends, and Merry Christmas

Dear Friends, Another exciting year in our industry has come and gone. We wish you a very Merry Christmas! With so many friends in the industry, it’s easy for us to be thankful this holiday season. THANK YOU, IAT Employees. We thank IAT’s employees for taking an interest in our customers’ individual and collective success. They…

The secret of the Masters

I like to paint. As with anything I enjoy pursuing, (my work, developing a skill or other life-quests) there are specific principles I try to follow to achieve desired results. These principles are just as applicable in business and debt collection as creating a work of art. So please forgive me for making another analogy between…

“Swing at Strikes”

I have had a lot of fun watching my sons play baseball from T-ball through high school. During games I always chuckled listening to comments from parents, particularly those with “on-the-spot suggestions” encouraging their sons to hit the ball. I cannot count the number of times a batter would step in the batter’s box ….

Interview with a Dialer

Napkins are FANTASTIC! You’re probably thinking – that’s an odd sentiment to have toward a dirty piece of cloth.  But hear me out. First off, napkins save you the embarrassment of wearing what you ate for lunch. Secondly, think of all the tasty things that end up on napkins—like excess rib sauce from your face….

IAT boasts 26 years of dialing technology success

IAT celebrates its 26th anniversary March 6th, 2012. Owners of the Utah-based dialing company attribute IAT’s long-time success to a focus on collection-specific technology, dedicated employees, and loyal customers. IAT was founded in 1986 by Scott and Kent Sorensen. More than a quarter century later, the company is a leading provider of predictive dialing and…