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Gozer Reigns Supreme When Inexperience is King

In 1984, the first Ghostbusters movie was in the theaters and grossed over $291 million. In 1989, the second Ghostbusters movie netted over $215 million during its run. If you recall (as most people older than 20 probably will), the two stories revolve around three parapsychologists that are out to save the world from ghosts,…

Top 4 Steps For Introducing New Technology

Light. Wonderful, inviting, warm, friendly light. Since the dawn of civilization mankind has required light in some form or another. From the fires that were lit by travelers of old to keep wild animals and bandits away at night, to gas lit lamps of a century ago to the modern electrical lights we use today to make life easier. Where there is darkness we seek light; sunlight, flashlights, candles, headlights, and even cell phone lights. We are drawn towards light.

But not all light is equal. I certainly wouldn’t want to have a surgeon try to operate on me by candlelight or flashlight; I want him to have the brightest light possible so that he makes no mistakes. Or how about trying to drive a car in the dark with nothing more than the light from your cell phone?