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Choose the picky dialer

I don’t eat out much. It can be expensive, but I’m also very picky when choosing restaurants—I just don’t want to go anywhere. Tasty food and affordable prices are critical, of course. Short wait times, a decent atmosphere and servers who are attentive without being overly disruptive are also important considerations. I believe it’s good…

Improved skills-based routing for inbound calls

Inbound calls are tricky.  You can’t control when they come. And they typically have no context. In other words, all you know about the call is its inbound status, the number they called (the DNIS), and—if the telco supports it—the number called from (the ANI).

Dialer integration: More complex and helpful than you think

Occasionally, the radio morning show I listen to asks listeners to call in with song titles (or band names) describing some current event. For example, during last year’s election season, listeners suggested song titles describing the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. There were a lot of humorous suggestions on both sides, some selections showing the…

Account updates needed—five seconds ago!

Do you make frequent online purchases? It seems like my husband is ALWAYS ordering something. He loves how fast and convenient it all is—the store is always open and confirms your order right away. And if you’re ordering the LAST of something, the website seems to know that, too. Likewise convenient payment options in collections…