IAT’s SmartDial ®solution, CT Center, gives Bonneville Billing & Collections many options to manage their accounts | IAT SmartDial® Solutions

IAT’s SmartDial ®solution, CT Center, gives Bonneville Billing & Collections many options to manage their accounts

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Bonneville Billing & CollectionsUtah-based Bonneville Billing & Collections uses CT Center to handle its medical and utility accounts for the Western region of the United States.

“We have many different clients in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming,” said Jim Eastwood, Dialer Manager for Bonneville.

Bonneville divides its accounts into three stages, using different features of CT Center for the first two stages. In stage one, collectors work accounts with CT Center’s predictive dialer. Stage two is worked by more advanced collectors, who occasionally use the power dialer to work accounts. Lastly, stage three, accounts are turned over to Bonneville’s attorneys for legal action.

“Our agents are on PD (Predictive Dialing) all day long, everyday,” said Eastwood, “But you can’t rule out IC. Some accounts come to a point when you wonder what else can be done to collect payment, so we put them on IC.”

IC, or Interactive Communications, is a two-fold feature of CT Center. IC Outbound delivers an interactive message to accounts. Messages can be personalized for payment reminders, demand for payment or settlement campaigns, which Bonneville uses on an outbound effort for their problem accounts.

Bonneville utilizes IC Outbound not only for its collection accounts but for its sister company, Bonneville Management Services (BMS). During these campaigns, IC Outbound will leave messages for BMS customers with a call back number to its Boise, Idaho office.

IC Inbound, or better known as IVR, is used at Bonneville to answer calls and process payments from callers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Recently, an option for accounts to leave a personal message for the agency was added to better serve them.

“IAT is constantly working to produce scalable products to fit the needs of any company doing collections,” said Randy Cooper, President and CEO of IAT, “CT Center offers a host of options, from four dialing modes to custom recorded messages, our products increase productivity and collection rates to provide not just a system, but a tailored solution.”

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