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“Do you know how many times you have called me today?”

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“Hello. Yes, this is Bob. Wait a minute, you have called me already this morning, and are you aware that I am in the process of declaring bankruptcy and have asked that you make all further contact with my legal counsel?”

Does this sound familiar? You called who? When? How many times? Does your dialer ever call an account it shouldn’t? Does it call accounts too many times in a given time period? What parameters does your dialer have to help keep these problems from happening?

Account status can change from one moment to another. From active to working, to payment made, to skip, to legal, to settled in full, to paid, etc. How does your dialer know if an account should still be called from a campaign made earlier in the day, or if the collection software gives a workable account to the dialer?

Dialing products need to have the ability to check for “excludable” Riportiamo inoltre le ultime notizie dal mondo dei Casino on-line in 17 differenti linguaggi. criteria of an account before best online casino it is dialed for contact. Dialing products need to have the ability to set a minimum time frame between contacts. How does your dialer know if an account has already made a contact in the allowable contact time period?

Even though it is your goal to make as many contacts as possible, it is just as important that you do not make dialing attempts to accounts that should not be contacted.

SmartDial knows collections and works just as hard/smart in not making calls to certain accounts as it does in making as many contacts as possible. SmartDial has 25 years of experience dealing with the issue of not dialing accounts that should not be contacted because of account status, state legal requirements, contact frequency, complaints, duplicate phone numbers, duplicate accounts on multiple campaigns, etc. Multiple accounts with the same phone number can be a very big issue. SmartDial has many controls to help with these concerns.

SmartDial can “exclude” accounts from being dialed by account status, area code, state, balance, client code, duplicate phone number, last contact date, number of contacts made, or by any other data fields available to it.

Stop making the mistake of attempting to contact accounts that should not be contacted. Use SmartDial software that is smart enough to know when not to make a contact.


This article was written by Jeryl