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Do you know what I hate? Forgetting to turn off the water in the garden

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Do you know what I hate? When I look out the window in the morning and water is everywhere. Then I say, “Oh no, I forgot to turn off the water in the garden again!” Why can’t it just know when to water and when not to?

Do you know what I really, really hate? Having to manually manage when broadcast messages are made.

Well, with SmartDial’s automated calling periods, you won’t have to worry about that any more.

Calling Periods – sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well … maybe not!

Do you need or want to

  • Start and stop your broadcast messages on a known schedule?
  • Prioritize work on certain client accounts?
  • Share dialing resources between PD (Predictive Dialing) and IC (Interactive Communications/Broadcast Messages)?
  • Schedule PD calls during the day and IC calls at night or on weekends?
  • Break up IC calls during the day so calls are made first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon?
  • Schedule calls on accounts differently on the weekends than during the week?

If you want to take advantage of these scheduling concerns, you can by controlling the system calling period features.

Calling periods can be scheduled by PD/IC/Inbound or individual list.

Using call periods, you can

  • Set a priority for a specific client’s list, so it gets more resources assigned to it. This helps when you want to get through the online casino list quicker or when the list is much larger than others.
  • Use your dialing resources to provide calls to your agents during the day and use those same resources to make IC calls during the evening and on weekends.
  • Set multiple calling times for your lists during the day to give more varied coverage for better contact attempts.
  • Control/limit your IC calls on weekends differently than week days.

Calling periods may seem boring, but they can be a great benefit to the collection process.

Take the time to think about when and how to maximize your calling resources and how to best work your portfolio. The time to make calls through a dialer that specializes in debt recovery is very different than calls made for telemarketing. Collections require a lot more control to vary the contact attempts and the use of dialing resources.

Let the dialer work for you when you want it to. This will help your collection success.

This article was written by Jeryl