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Lists-R-Us – The miracle of computers – A nightmare eliminated

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Some people call them campaigns. Some call them lists. We call them the lifeblood of collection efforts.

Collecting without computers: A paper trail nightmare! Now, collectors rely on computers to help them organize their work load. But before computers, what a nightmare it was to keep track of jack dates and follow up contacts and account work cards! Do you remember work cards and workbooks or packets? I do, and I don’t want to ever have to think about that nightmare ever again. I remember going into an agency and seeing the “find list” on where to look for an account’s work card i.e. 1. Collector desk, 2. Today’s work tray, 3. To be filed tray, 4. Payment desk, 5. Filing cabinet, 6, 7, 8…17. etc.!

Computers were first used to print assignment reports for clients. Then, they were used to enter account payments and print statements. Then, miraculously, they were used to access account information “online.” For collectors this was called a “paperless” system, but it was anything but “paperless.” Computers generated more paper than any human possibly could. The name was quickly changed to “cardless.” This was more appropriate since the good old “work cards” were no longer necessary. What a miracle that was!

The first few times I helped convert an agency from “cards” to “cardless,” I met great resistance from collectors who couldn’t part with their precious work cards. They just couldn’t trust the computer to have the necessary information to work their accounts. After the notes were transferred from the work card to the computer, the collector was instructed to throw the work cards in the trash bin, but I watched many agents put the cards in the back of their drawer just in case the computer didn’t really work.

Those were great times. Does anyone want to go back to those good old days? Not me!!!

Modern day collecting: Computers with tools to make specialized collection lists. Now the computer is just our way of life and we use it to help organize our work flow (and just about everything else in our lives). The work lists that a computer stores is the lifeblood for a collector.

But are you really utilizing these “lists” to their full potential? Using computer software, now you can sort, order, qualify, and prioritize your lists online casino in any way you want. Do you sort lists strategically or just put them in “next work” order and go from there?

For collectors, you might prefer unsorted, “next work” lists, but for broadcast messaging (IVR), there are better ways worth exploring (you can also explore these sort strategies with collectors if you’d like). Why not try selecting accounts by balance, by collectability, by age, by client type, by last contact date, by number of attempts, etc.?

You need to think about what you have to work and what message is best for the type of accounts in the list:

  • Are there broken promises you can call?
  • Are there promise dates you can call and do automated reminders?
  • Are there accounts that could be collected through phone payments instead of actual collector contacts?

Let’s start thinking a little more about what we’re doing and how we use these miraculously incredible computers we have been “blessed” with (I know, sometimes they are a real pain).

Brainstorm how you can better utilize this current technology to focus on your work load and let it help you contact/collect more. Our computers really only do what we tell them to; it usually takes some time and thought to make them help us in our collection efforts.

Keep track of your work load and account follow up with the latest technology – a nightmare eliminated!!!

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This article was written by Jeryl