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Wanted: Remote controlled teenagers

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Do you ever wish that you could automate certain things in your life, but can’t because sometimes those things rely on another human beings, doing what you want, when you want?
For instance, I tried for years to automate my teenagers to clean their rooms. I did not care when or how they cleaned. Just so the rooms were clean. Eventually, I realized this was probably the least of my worries with a teenager. I also found it was easier to simply shut the bedroom door.
Some advice if your kids are just entering the teenage years: Choose your battles.
So, just as I wanted to control my children – I mean automate – you cannot control another human’s actions, be it a spouse, child, friend, co-worker or employee. Okay, maybe controlling employees is a little easier than a teenager. Maybe. But how do you keep your agents motivated, busy working, and not feeling micro-managed?

You will be happy to know that IAT dialers have tools to help control the agent’s work day from the background. Your agents might not even realize there are options because everything is already pre-set for them. Automation features include:

Accounts/lists being worked. The ability to choose the call lists/campaigns that an agent can select when logging into the dialer. The dialer will automatically switch to the next list when one list is finished (if using IAT’s list group feature).
Dialing mode selection. The mode in which the agent logs on: predictive, power, preview or passive or dial request (manual).
Call routing established. Determine the type of call the agent will receive on the dialer – inbound calls, outbound calls or a combination of the two. Use skill based routing to send calls to the proper agent.
Call recording. Set up call recording so calls are automatically recorded or give the agent the ability to turn it on/ off.
CTC Messaging. Send messages between employees/managers on the system. Manager controls allow you to turn functionality off, send predetermined messages, with or without modification or just between agents and managers.
Agent Breaks. You can place agents on break or log agents off the dialer.
Real-time monitoring. Call monitoring, coaching and conferencing, plus the ability to look at agent usage time.

As you can see, there are many tools to automate and control an agent, ensuring they use the dialer effectively and efficiently. Far more tools than I had with my teenagers. The only ones that seemed to work with them were allowances, car keys and curfews. They do grow out of it, but not before they move out of your house.

What automation tools have you found useful in the collection environment?

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This article was written by Paul