“Let’s be honest, we just don’t like talking to people anymore.” | IAT SmartDial® Solutions

“Let’s be honest, we just don’t like talking to people anymore.”

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We text, we tweet, we e-mail, we leave voice mail messages, we post on Facebook, we blog—we’ll do almost anything to avoid talking to someone. I didn’t say it was a good thing, I just said that is the way this generation is. We hope they don’t answer their phone and are shocked and disappointed when they do. Did you see the scene in “Moneyball” where the “ex” called Billy and said she was hoping he wouldn’t answer? Typical!

I love to talk to people, but not those who don’t know me and don’t trust I am who I say I am. I will deal with an automated process every time before I will wait to talk to a live person and be subjected to their persistent identification questions and disbelieving attitude before I can even do my business and get them off the phone. Give me a quick method of communicating, not a long drawn out conversation with a human who I sometimes can’t even understand!

Every debt recovery agency wants their accounts to make payments towards the debt they owe. Many debtors want to clear up their debts, but don’t like casino dealing with collectors. Sometimes debtors are just defiant and resist the collector’s demands. Many times debtors don’t want to admit they owe the debt or they just don’t want to give into the original creditor. Sometimes debtors want to make a payment after business hours when agents are not normally available.

Collect the debt without talking to anyone. Telephone automation can really help when debtors don’t want to talk. IAT’s automated messaging (we call them dialogues) can take credit card or check payments over the phone without collector contact. After identifying the debtor by account number and name, payments are made securely and confidentially. Immediate processing through secure electronic payment providers is completed while the debtor is on the phone and an electronic payment processing confirmation number is given to the payee.

Automated phone payment options not only give the debtor a secure confidential method for payment, but also allow them to avoid the often embarrassing personal contact with a collector. It also allows agencies to spend their time making personal contact on those accounts that require it.

Standard pre-recorded payment dialogues along with customer recorded dialogues are available for use with IAT’s CT Center products.

Why not let automated resources do the work of collecting payments whenever possible?

I’ll text you when I get home!

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This article was written by Jeryl

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Mark NambaMarch 20, 2012 at 2:51 pmReply

Hi Jeryl,

I just wanted to pass this note to you that I enjoyed your blog so much that I sent it to one of prospective customers. Thank you and Thank you…. Not certain if my IC Agent Blog will impress him.