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What are my agents doing?

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Activity not monitored is just that, activity. In the debt recovery business, activity is especially needful of careful supervision and monitoring.

Federal and state legislation compliance requires critical agent training and supervision. What agents are doing and saying on the phone and how efficiently they are working are very important to their collecting success.

IAT SmartDial provides tools to monitor agent activity, so you can keep them collecting effectively. Below are a few tools to try, most through IAT’s manager application, Manager Center.

Manager Center reports in real time what agents are doing. The agent activity screen shows which agents are on the dialer and each agent’s current status, current call length and average call length, current list and dialing mode, the number of contacts made and the results of those contacts and more.

Managers can create individual team views. Teams can be displayed in several ways:

  • A graphical option with icons for agent status and dialing mode (predictive, power, preview, passive and manual dial) and colors for call length status.
  • A table format with column type information that can be easily sorted such as dialing mode, campaign, average call length, nbso online casino reviews call count and more.
  • A seating chart view that is especially helpful for large organizations with multiple Submit a Customer ReviewSee trends in Customer Reviews for Defensive Driving SchoolCompare Defensive cdl license with other businesses. departments and varied teams. This option can also be viewed as a way to show which teams are active and which are not.

Manager Center allows a manager to listen to agent calls in real time. Options for real time agent coaching or 3-way conferencing are also available. Agent calls can be recorded for later training and compliance issues.

Agent reports keep an eye on longer-term agent activity. A few reports available include

  • Agent Activity Report: Details call counts and results counts of contacts, no answers, busys, answering machines, etc.
  • Agent Contact Report: Shows contacts made by hour.
  • Agent Result Summary/Detail: Reports agent entered results in summary or by hour.
  • Sign On Report: Shows agent’s time on the dialer in summary or by hour.

Careful use of agent monitoring tools is critical in the debt recovery industry. Sometimes just knowing that a manager has the capability to monitor your activity can have a huge impact on your behavior. But don’t forget, monitoring does not have to be negative, it can be used to assist, encourage, and promote best procedures to help agents be more productive and increase their worth to your company.


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